US Consulate in Nogales, Mexico and US Department of State

As part of this partnership, the US Consulate in Nogales, Mexico, brings SILLC faculty and/or PhD students to develop cultural programming to the local Mexican community. The US Consulate is interested in a wide variety of topics in the many issues that SILLC addresses.

In addition, the Consul and Vice-Consul are available to visit the University of Arizona to give lectures/presentations to the SILLC faculty and students on a variety of topics such as, but not limited to:

  • State Department's role and missions;
  • The importance and use of humanities, liberal arts in all careers;
  • The many careers available to students majoring in the humanities both at Government agencies and beyond;
  • Past experiences and assignments in various regions of the world.

The US Consulate in Nogales also facilitates SILLC's contact with agencies and organizations that would be good partners for SILLC in Mexico and other countries.

Internship Programs and Careers Available to SILLC undergraduate and graduate students in the US State Department

US Consulate in Nogales, Mexico

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