Alliance Française of Tucson

UA students may earn 3 units of FREN 393 Internship by completing an unpaid internship at the AF during the fall, spring, or summer. Interns will offer skills and creativity that strengthen the AF in its mission to promote, share and enjoy the culture, language and friendship of the French Speaking World.

AF will make every effort to provide the opportunity to grow professionally under supervision for each of the assigned programs. Hours will be set according to students’ university class schedule and other obligations. There is a bus stop just in front of the AF for the students who do not own a car.

Involvement and task will include

  • shaping new programs
  • grant proposal and related research
  • update of membership (data entry/mailing)
  • update of the website and social media
  • special events set up and coordination
  • help with marketing efforts and promoting the AF to the community - update and manage our library
  • onsite member greeting


  • Interns are required to complete a total of 90 hours of work at the AF during the semester
  • Interns are required to write in French a 10-12 pages internship report turned in to Prof. Alain-Philippe Durand on the last day of their internship
  • The grade will be based on internship report evaluated by Prof. Durand and on internship’s on site performance evaluated by on site supervisor, the AF’s President.


  • Must be a UA French major with a minimum of 3 units of FREN already completed at the 400 level
  • Must be a junior or senior with a minimum 3.2 cumulative GPA at the time of internship - Must have studied in one or more of the following UA’s programs in France: Arizona in Paris, Sciences Po Paris, University of Lyon 3, University of Montpellier 3.

Selection Process

  1. Interested and qualified UA students must email Prof. Durand ( to express their interest in applying by announced due date;
  2. Prof. Durand double checks requirements and forward the names of qualified UA applicants to the AF’s President for an interview;
  3. The AF’s President selects interns during interviews and forwards their names to Prof. Durand;
  4. Selected interns fill, obtain all required signatures, and turn in to Prof. Durand the official UA’s Internship Application Form prior to the start of internship.


For more information, please contact:

Dr. Denis Provencher

Partner's Location

Alliance Française of Tucson
2130 N. Alvernon Way
Tucson, AZ 85712
Phone: 520-303-7001