Language Teaching Classes

The College of Humanities offers foreign/second language teaching pedagogy courses for undergraduate or graduate credit. All courses are available for 3 credit hours.

HUMS 479/579: Second/Foreign Language Teaching and Learning
This class is intended to prepare students to teach a second/foreign language. It will provide students with the essential foundations in language teaching methodology and theory, pedagogical grammar, curriculum and materials development, classroom management, and formal and informal assessment techniques. In addition, students will gain practical knowledge through video practicum components, which allow them to watch and reflect on actual classroom teaching. Students will complete this program with the pedagogical knowledge and practical understanding necessary to be confident and effective language teachers.

HUMS 482/582: Advanced Methods in Teaching a Second/Foreign Language
This advanced course is intended to prepare students who have prior second/foreign language training to teach second or foreign languages in longer-term contexts. The course will further enhance their knowledge of language teaching methodology, theory, and the teaching of the four language skills—listening, speaking, reading, and writing. In addition, students will develop classroom competence through video practicum components by watching and reflecting on actual classroom teaching methods and techniques in the videos. Students will gain the pedagogical knowledge and practical understanding necessary to be confident and effective teachers of second/foreign languages.

HUMS 485/585: Grammar for Second/Foreign Language Teachers
This class is intended to prepare current and future teachers of second/foreign languages to teach grammar in a wide variety of contexts. Through readings, videos, discussions, and assignments designed to build on existing knowledge, students gain a greater understanding of the essential foundations of pedagogical grammar and the ways in which theories of learning grammar can be applied in the classroom. Students will also receive materials to refresh or expand their knowledge of commonly taught grammar points in their focus language and to develop lesson plans and assessments that can be immediately applied or modified for the classroom.

HUMS 487/587: Assessment in Second/Foreign Language Learning
The primary objective of this online course is the development of language teachers’ assessment literacy, which includes knowledge of key assessment principles and skill in creating or adopting assessment tools and procedures for the language classroom. Participants in this course will develop their knowledge and skills related to assessing all skill areas in the language classroom, including productive skills (writing, speaking), receptive skills (reading, listening), and assessing grammar and vocabulary. Grading and student evaluation will also be important topics of consideration and exploration in this course. Designed specifically for in-service (and pre-service) language teachers, the course combines theory with practice by covering essential principles of effective classroom assessment and the development of effective assessment tools for classroom use.  Participants completing this course will become more assessment literate and better able to evaluate student performance in their classrooms fairly and effectively.

HUMS 494/594: Practicum
The practicum combines classroom observations, supervised teaching, and documented tutoring opportunities to provide students with hands-on and authentic experience in the second/foreign language classroom and to connect previous training/education with classroom application and implementation. The practicum, provides students with a real-life learning experience that links and applies the theoretical knowledge of SLA theory, second/foreign language teaching methodology, and assessment to the classroom.  Teachers practice lesson planning, teaching, evaluation, and problem solving through multiple rounds of observed teaching, debriefings, and revisions

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register for the classes?

Students enroll via UAccess, and the courses and course grades will appear on student transcripts. Students who are not current UA students will need to first register as a non-degree seeking student.

How much do the courses cost?

Tuition and fees for credit classes will adhere to current University of Arizona rates. Online courses, offered as iCourses, are subject to an additional $50 fee, which is included in the semester costs issued and collected by the UA Bursar’s Office.

Can I use my Financial Aid, Scholarship, or Qualified Tuition Reduction (QTR) for these courses?

Yes. Because they are University of Arizona courses, students may use any form of financial assistance that is accepted for other credit classes. UA staff and faculty who are not current UA students and wish to use QTR must register for the classes for undergraduate credit only.

Can I use these classes toward my major or minor?

At present, these classes have not yet been approved toward any undergraduate or graduate major or minor, but students are encouraged to speak directly with their academic advisors to see how they may fit into their overall academic plan.