SILLC offers a wide variety of both undergraduate and graduate degree programs between its six academic departments.

Undergraduate Majors 

Department Major
Africana Studies Africana Studies (B.A)
East Asian Studies East Asian Studies: Chinese Culture Intensive Emphasis (B.A.)
  East Asian Studies: Chinese Language Intensive Emphasis (B.A.)
  East Asian Studies: Japanese Culture Intensive Emphasis (B.A.)
  East Asian Studies: Japanese Language Intensive Emphasis (B.A.)
French Italian French: French & Francophone Emphasis (B.A.)
  French: Language, Literature & Cultures Emphasis (B.A.)
  Italian: Italian Studies Emphasis (B.A.)
  Italian: Language & Literature Emphasis (B.A.)
German Studies German Studies (B.A.)
Religious Studies & Classics Religious Studies (B.A.)
  Religious Studies for Health Professionals (B.S.)
  Classics: Classical Civilization Emphasis (B.A.)
  Classics: Classical Languages Emphasis (B.A.)
Russian & Slavic Studies Russian: Culture Focused Emphasis (B.A.)
  Russian: Language Focused Emphasis (B.A.)

Graduate Programs

Department Program
East Asian Studies East Asian Studies (M.A.)
  East Asian Studies (M.A.) - Accelerated Master's Program
  East Asian Studies (Ph.D.)
French & Italian French (M.A.)
  French (M.A.) - Accelerated Master's Program
German Studies German Studies (M.A.)
  Transculturual German Studies (Ph.D.)
Religious Studies & Classics Classics (M.A.)
Russian & Slavic Studies Russian (M.A.)

Ready to Declare?

Thank you for your interest, there are many benefits of majoring or minoring in a SILLC discipline! Declare a major or minor in one of the following ways:

In Person

To declare a major or minor, make an appointment with the College of Humanities Academic Advising Center.

Online form

Complete the online Major/Minor declaration form (NetID required). A faculty advisor will follow up to schedule a meeting. If you do not hear from a faculty advisor within a week, please contact the College of Humanities Academic Advising Center (