The SILLC staff provides all administrative functions for the School and its associated departments and is dedicated to furthering the mission, goals and core values of the School of International Languages, Literatures and Cultures and its departments and programs by:

  1. Providing high quality and efficient services to the faculty, students, and customers – both internal and external – of SILLC  while remaining fiscally and ethically responsible.
  2. Acting as a resource for SILLC faculty and students in both academic and business operations.
  3. Providing continuity and uniformity in the services provided by our team.
  4. Establishing relationships with other professionals across campus to help further our mission.

203 Learning Services Building
1512 E 1st Street
PO Box 210105
The University of Arizona
Tucson, AZ 85721-0105
Phone: 520-621-5452
FAX: 520-621-3678

Karen Seat
Director, SILLC · Head, Religious Studies & Classics · Associate Professor of Religious Studies & Classics
202 Learning Services Building
Albert Welter
Associate Director, SILLC · Head, East Asian Studies · Professor of Chinese
104 Learning Services Building
Gennady Sare
Manager, Business & Finance
Learning Services Building, room 208
Grace Cottrell
Secretary · Dept. of French & Italian
Modern Languages, room 549
Leonora Escobar
Curriculum Services Coordinator
Learning Services Building, room 232
Lindsey Fera
Human Resources Coordinator
Learning Services Building, room 205
Jovanna Gomez
Secretary · Dept. of East Asian Studies
Learning Services Building, 1st Floor
Jacqueline Laird
Curriculum & P-Card Coordinator
Learning Services Building, room 206
Holly Lysne
Secretary Administrative · Dept. of German Studies and Dept. of Russian & Slavic Studies
Learning Services Building, 3rd Floor
520-621-7385 / 520-621-7341
Lori Mott
Event Coordinator & Building Manager
Learning Services Building, room 206
Marcela Thompson
Administrative Assistant · Lead Secretary · Dept. of Africana Studies, Dept. of Religious Studies & Classics
Learning Services Building, 2nd floor
520-621-5665 / 520-621-1689
Stephanie Topete
Administrative Associate · SILLC Director Assistant
Learning Services Building, room 207
Frank Whitehead
Graduate Services Coordinator
Learning Services Building, room 204
Summer Witting
Financial Services Coordinator
Learning Services Building, room 210