Minor in Intercultural Studies


The Minor in “Intercultural Studies” provides students with a solid introduction and broad understanding of world cultures. This minor was specifically designed for students and professionals who wish to combine their main area of specialization with a solid background in the new and changing international landscape.

Student Outcomes

The Minor in “Intercultural Studies” in the School of International Languages, Literatures, and Cultures provides students with the ability to:

  • adapt and function well in unfamiliar environments and new situations 
  • communicate effectively with people from diverse cultural backgrounds
  • negotiate difficult tasks with creativity and an acute sense of initiative
  • analyze, evaluate, and assess cultural differences in professional settings
  • apply the skills of critical thinking, reading, writing, and the synthesizing information
  • gain knowledge of various cultures

The many study abroad programs and internships within the School offer practical experience in new and exciting environments that help students succeed in the global marketplace.

Required Courses and Electives

The Minor in Intercultural Studies requires the completion of at least 18 units among the courses listed below. At least 9 units of work toward the minor must be completed at the University of Arizona.  A maximum of 6 units may be taken at the 100-200 level. All courses (except in Critical Languages) are taught in English and do not require the knowledge of a foreign language. The Minor in Intercultural Studies requires the completion of courses in at least three different departments or programs in the School of International Languages, Literatures, and Cultures:
*Courses available online
All courses below are taught in English unless indicated otherwise.


AFAS 218 - Introduction to Hip-Hop Dance
*AFAS 230 - Introduction to African Literature
AFAS 245 - African Literature in Translation
*AFAS 300 - Historical Overview of African and African Diaspora Cinema
AFAS 310 - Afro-Latin American Literature
*AFAS 314 - Caribbean Literature and Culture (West Indies)
AFAS 318 - Pan African Dance Aesthetics:  Theory and Practice
*AFAS 342 - Writers, Women, and the Gods
*AFAS 345 - Caribbean Politics
*AFAS 365 - Ancient African Civilizations
*AFAS 371 - Hip-Hop Cinema
*AFAS 373 - US & Francophone Hip-Hop Cultures
*AFAS 375 - Digital Africana Studies
*AFAS/HUMS 376 - Global Soccer
*AFAS 378 - AfroFuturism and Black Speculative Fiction
AFAS 411 - Africana Theatre Aesthetics
AFAS 421 - Topics in Africana Studies
AFAS 423 - Topics in Caribbean Culture, Literature and Identity
*AFAS 463 - Doing Business In/With Africa
*AFAS  475 - USA & South Africa: Comparative Historical & Political Perspectives
AFAS  482 - African Americans & U.S. Foreign Policy


Elementary, Intermediate, and Advanced classes available in the following languages:
Cantonese, Chechen, Czech, Dinka, Greek (Modern), Haitian Creole, Hausa, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Irish-Gaellic, Korean, Kurdish, Norwegian, Polish, Scots-Gaellic, Swahili, Swedish, Tagalog, Thai, Ukrainian, Vietnamese


CHN 245 - Chinese Popular Culture
CHN 251 - New Chinese Cinema
CHN 410A - Ethnic Diversity in China
CHN 410B - The Anthropology of Contemporary China
CHN 444 - Chinese Media & Culture
CHN 476 - Modern China
EAS 270 - Modern East Asia
EAS 350 - Hindu Mythology
EAS 376 - Communist China: History and Narrative
EAS 466 - Japanese and Chinese Nationalisms
*JPN 245 - Japanese Anime and Visual Culture
JPN  418 - Japan in World History: Contrasts and Commonalities
JPN 425A - Anthropology of Japan: Images and Realities


FREN 245 - African Literature in Translation
FREN 249 - Images of Africa
FREN  280 - Introduction to French Language, Linguistics and Culture
*FREN 282 - The French Novel and Society
*FREN 283 - Existentialism and the Absurd: The French Foundations
FREN 284 - French Theater in Translation
*FREN 373 - US & Francophone Hip-Hop Cultures
FREN 374 - The Politics of Protest in Africa and the Diaspora
*FREN 375 - Franco-American Relations
FREN 473 - Contemporary French Cinema

ITAL 230 - Introduction to Italian Culture
ITAL 240 - Italian Folklore and Popular Culture
*ITAL 250A Italian Literature in Translation: The Middle Ages
ITAL 250A Italian Literature in Translation: Italian Theater
ITAL 250A Italian Literature in Translation: The Novel
*ITAL 250B Italian Literature in Translation: The Renaissance
ITAL 330A Fascism, Resistance, and Reconstruction
ITAL 330B History of Italian American Cinema
ITAL 330C - History of Italian Cinema
ITAL 330D - Women in Italian Society


GER 233 - Fascism and Resistance: Propaganda and Ideology in German Literature and Culture
GER 242 - Thinkers and Dreamers: Challenges of the Imagination in German History
GER 244 - Language and Power
GER 246 - German Culture, Science, and Technology
GER 272 - Changing the World: Ideas, Experiences and Stories in the German-speaking Tradition
GER 273 - Wicked Tales and Strange Encounters: German Romanticism and Beyond
GER 276 - Crisis and Rebellion: Germany and Beyond
GER 278 - Medieval Answers to Modern Problems
GER 312 - War, Death, and the Hero: Medieval Epics: Beowulf, Nibelungenlied, and Rolandslied
GER 320 - History of Tolerance from the Middle Ages to the Eighteenth Century and Beyond 
GER 325 - History of German Cinema
GER 327 - Recycling Culture: Environmentalism Made in Germany
GER 371 - Contemporary German Culture
GER 373 - Women's Fictions in Twentieth-Century Germany
GER 375 - The Birth of the Modern: Culture and Politics in Turn-of-the-Century Vienna
GER 376 - German-Jewish Writers
GER 379 - Religion in German Culture
GER 380 - The Middle Ages: The Enigmatic Precursor to Modern Europe 
GER 422 - When African Americans Came to Berlin
GER 440 - Jews and Judaism in German Culture
GER 455 - Music and German Literature
GER 459 - German Politics
GER 461 - The Task of the Translator


HUMS 372 - Intercultural Competence: Culture, Identity, Adaptation, and Intercultural Relations
HUMS/AFAS 376 - Global Soccer


CLAS 220 - Classical Tradition
CLAS 221 - Classical Tradition
CLAS 240 - Ancient Athletics
CLAS 323 - Ancient Empires
CLAS 300 - Classical Ideals in 1930s Art
CLAS 302 - Mythology and Landscape of Ancient Greece and Turkey
CLAS 311 - Athens through the Ages
CLAS 329 - Art History of the Cinema
CLAS 362 - Women and Gender in Antiquity
CLAS 340A - Introduction to Classical Art and Archaeology
CLAS 340B - Introduction to Classical Art and Archaeology
CLAS 430 - Ancient Greek Technology
CLAS 451A - Ancient Egypt: Culture/Language I
CLAS 451B - Ancient Egypt: Culture/Language II

RELI 204 - African Diaspora Religion and Culture
RELI 220 - Religion in Japanese Society
*RELI 233 - Philosophy of Religion
RELI 331 - Taoist Traditions of China
RELI 335 - Rap, Culture and God
RELI 350 - Hindu Mythology
RELI 381 - African/Indigenous Religions
RELI 412 - Religion and Literature in Latin America


RSSS 210 - Utopian Visions: Promises and Reality in 20th Century Russia
RSSS 275 - Balkans: Identity in Crisis
RSSS 304 - A History of Soviet and Post-Soviet Film
RSSS 315 - Werewolves and Vampires: Slavic Folklore in our Culture
RSSS 328 - Women in Russian Literature and Culture
*RSSS 340 - Accursed Questions: Russian Writers and Society, 1825-1904
RSSS 345 - World War II: The Soviet Cultural Experience
RSSS 350 - The Soviet Experiment
RSSS 445 - Intercultural Competence and Communication: Business in Russia

To declare this minor and/or for more information, please contact the College of Humanities Academic Advising Center (cohadv@email.arizona.edu) or schedule an advising appointment at http://wiseadvising.arizona.edu OR email Dr. Karen Seat at kkseat@email.arizona.edu